Recently, during a session of blog and website housecleaning, where I was looking for dead links, a trend emerged. Some of my fellow authors, especially the younger ones, have deleted their blogs. Christina Barber’s “The Writer’s Crypt” seems to be history. Susan Grant ended her “Come Fly with Me” blog in favor of a news section on her website. A particularly good one, “Faster Than Kudzu“has also moved. Other blogs are on hiatus. No doubt more blogs will go away, because the online audience is moving toward different web addresses. For a time, My Space was popular, but no more. Right now, Facebook is the most important medium for many who want an online presence, but I suspect that it, too, will be supplanted by another form of communication.

Groups, such as the ones on Yahoo and Google, were big news a decade ago. While I am still connected to some of these “list/serve” sites, I’ve left a number of the groups I where I was once a member, and for most of the others, the “daily digest” is no longer in my inbox. Online forums are also fading away, albeit more slowly. I was once fairly active on the SFReader boards, but if I spend a lot of time doing online promotion and/or writing, I don’t do any real writing, and that is a problem. Other authors have mentioned that online promotion, although cheap, is expensive in terms of time.

My goal, at the beginning of”Pam’s Pages,” was to promote my writing, to connect with people as a “real person” with ideas and opinions beyond what I express in my fiction writing, and to have a place to float concepts before I put a great deal of time into writing more formally about them. In 2005, when I began this blog, publicity experts were touting frequent updates, perhaps daily, to keep a blog at the top of search results on Google. While I didn’t think daily would ever be realistic, I thought could manage once a week, and I have averaged that. But once a week, or even once a day, can’t compete with Twitter.

Lately, due to time constraints and social constraints, “Pam’s Pages” has leaned more toward book reviews, which is fairly easy for me, since would be unusual for my reading to amount to less than a book a week.

How ironic; thus, this blog an out-of-date means of communicating about an out-of-date hobby, reading.

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