The Hunger Games— the movie (a review)

Okay, just about everyone has already reviewed this film,or the novel that spawned it. While I haven’t read the book, I enjoyed the film. And, I am grateful to author Collins for her contribution to science fiction, and to young adult fiction. As an experienced reader, I found the tale somewhat predictable, but none-the-less exciting.

The Hunger Games is another dystopia, with political and social overtones for our times. Clearly, she was influenced by what is termed “entertainment” by television network execs. If nothing else, the reality tv genre is slammed by this tale. Science fiction is a marvelous vehicle for getting those concepts over to a mass audience. Between the success of the books in this series and this film version of the first novel, Collins is reaching many, many people.

Actually, any author would do well to write for the YA market, because the freshest ideas are there. Let’s face it, authors for the adult market are publishing beyond theirs deaths (via ghost writers) so the publishing houses are not willing to develop new talent.

I wouldn’t have picked this film, but my young adult daughter suggested that we watch it together via netflix, and I both the film and her take on it. While the death scenes were not as gory as I had feared, it was realistic enough. Families with middle school aged kids could certainly find fodder for some interesting discussions after viewing it.

The Hunger Games is a good story, with some morality questions for viewers.

By Pamela/Pilar Posted in writing