eBay scammer

From time to time, I sell used guitar parts on eBay, because my son is a luthier. Recently, I got some bad feedback, and when I checked on the buyer’s ratings, it seems that this guy (Mike in Nebraska) has a tendency to leave such feedback and after he gets a refund, he leaves new feedback saying, “Thanks for the refund.” The item I sold was a used (yep, used) truss rod cover. I asked $6.50 (with free shipping) for this used item, and Mr. Mike offered $5, which I took, even though it was hardly worth the trouble of doing the transaction. BTW, I offer 14 day returns, too. So, I package up the used cover, buy shipping with tracking ($2.05) and take it to the post office. Some 45 days after the transaction, Mr. Mike isn’t happy. I have offered a refund, but only if he returns the item. Mr. Mike hasn’t yet done the return request, perhaps because he knows that the item isn’t in such poor shape that it is worth printing out the form and paying return shipping. Actually, I will still give a full refund, despite it being 45 days, because it will be worth $5 to see if that cover looks as bad as he says. I know it was quite usable when it left me! Anyway, if you sell stuff on eBay, don’t sell to Mr. Mike. (eBay ID available upon request.) If there is a lesson in this, read the buyer reviews, and if he/she/it gives negative feedback or refers to refunds, cancel the order!

Anyway, this is my first bad experience, but no doubt not my last. Here is an interesting article on how to scam eBay sellers: I’m dealing with a bad eBay buyer!