Amazon’s Prime Day

As a writer, I’ve seem the dramatic impact that Amazon has had upon the book industry. Now, even if there had been no Amazon, book sales would have begun to move online, and eBooks would have become a factor in book sales and marketing. However, Amazon has relentlessly moved to become America’s favorite online retailer, via many different channels. Amazon is a way for book collectors to flesh out their holdings— I finally finished reading all of the Modesty Blaise books, because I found the missing volumes on Amazon. I’ve also purchased everything from electronics to swimwear there, usually with good prices and good service. And, as a writer, Amazon has been my publisher for a couple of years. As a book seller, Amazon has been my primary means of finding customers. (Pun intended, of course.)

A while back, I took a graduate school class, and I joined Amazon Prime via the student program. Not only did I save a bit on the five textbooks for my class, but I got “free” shipping, videos, and music for half price. When my “student” status expired, I kept the Amazon Prime service due to its value.

Last year, I took advantage of Amazon’s Countdown to Prime Day – Enjoy Prime Day video deals through July 12— a bit like “Black Friday” but it happens in July. If you haven’t yet purchased a prime membership, I encourage you to take a look at it via this link: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

By Pamela/Pilar Posted in writing