Our favorite science fiction movies

Science fiction usually does better on the screen than on the page. Here’s a great list of science fiction favorites!

Contact – Infinite Futures

The contributors to Contact-Infinite Futures talk about their favorite science fiction films.


Timothy S. Johnston, writer of futuristic thrillers including The Furnace(2013), The Freezer (2014), and The Void (2015), says Planet of the Apes (1968), The Thing (1982), and Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) are his three favorite science fiction movies.

“APES was a watershed film for me. The final minute could be considered the most powerful ending in SF … and one of the first twist endings. It staggered theater-goers at the time. I just love that film. It examined class struggle and religion, and encased it all in a seemingly silly Sci-Fi setting. It’s a brilliant work of art,” he says.

“THE THING and INVASION are favorites because both make use of The Imposter Theme and include intense paranoia. I love The Imposter Theme in Sci-Fi, because it touches on our own…

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